Customer Service 客户服务

Customer Service 客户服务
Fresh/Entry Level

  • - Arrange delivery schedule. (安排交货时间表。)
  • - Liaise with customers for installation details. (与客户联络以了解安装细节。)
  • - Attend to customer's feedback. (关注客户的反馈。)
  • - Remind customer to prepare payment. (提醒客户准备付款。)


  • - Communicating in Mandarin is a must, and basic Bahasa Malaysia, English. (必须用华语沟通,还有基本的马来语、英语。)
  • - Independent and willing to learn. (独立且愿意学习。)
  • - Able to work under pressure and meet deadlines. (能够在压力下工作并按时完成任务。)


  • - Commission provided for every position. (为每个职位提供佣金。)
  • - KPI cash reward every month (up to RM500). (每月KPI现金奖励(高达RM500)。)
  • - Salary increment every June and December. (每年六月和十二月加薪。)
  • - Clean and private hostel room provided for out state employees. (为外州雇员提供干净且私人的宿舍房间。)
  • - Medical claim. (医疗索赔。)
  • - Annual bonus. (年度奖金。)
  • - Annual dinner. (年度晚宴。)
  • - Annual company trip. (每年一次的公司旅行。)


Primary/Secondary School/SPM/"O" Level

Job Details

  Job Specialization:

Customer Service

  Job Location:


  Employment Type:


  Age Range of Candidate:

18 - 30

  Years of Experience:


  Monthly Salary:

MYR3500 - MYR7000

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